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For the past two months I have been teaching Kendra a young woman from the Philippines. She posted a comment – see below – about her experience in my tap classes. I have heard the expression that says, “when the student is ready the teacher arrives.”  My time with Kendra and our conversations about tap dance and the body connection to a divine feminine energy, makes me wonder about the reverse order, “when the teacher is ready the student arrives!”

Kendra’s absolute delight and willingness to step completely into learning has been a discovery for me as well. Finding words to express the more subtle qualities of sound, notes, playing one’s song, and how to enter that rhythmic landscape through the body has allowed me to give voice to my own inner musings of tap dance being a reflection of life.

Since February, when our long time love girl sadie died (our dog), I have been swimming in the dark pools of her eyes. Through that journey into loss and love I quite unexpectedly began wondering about the vastness of spirit, emotions, and the fluid form of change. It was only when I was teaching that I could feel joy echo from my feet and see it in the faces of my students. Those few hours a week of “happy” reminded me of sadie and the gifts given no matter the form. So I am grateful and sole-fully satisfied with life’s surprising orchestration of events, people and pets who have entered my life. Thanks Kendra. Keep tapping your song!

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