Harriet Butcher

Interview with Harriet Butcher and Ellie Sciarra, filmed at Harriet’s house by Cathy Gurvis.

Harriet Butcher still dances at 80+ years and sings for the Spiritual Project Choir and the People’s Presbyterian Church in Denver, Colorado. Ms. Butcher appeared in all three productions of Taps Are Talking: Women In Tap. She was also featured on a PBS Jazz in Five Points special presentation. As a young woman during World War II, Butcher aspired to sing and was encouraged by Sammy Davis, Jr., with whom she danced at Denver’s Roxy Theater. After her retirement from the Department of Social Services, she collaborated with female tap dancers to form the Park Hill Tappers, a group designed to teach tap to seniors and to entertain. Her latest aspiration is to take guitar lessons and play her new Les Paul electric guitar!

Harriet continues to inspire many, including Nina Hoffert, a fellow singer in the Spiritual Project Choir. Nina wrote the song, Before I Get Too Old, in honor of Harriet and her Les Paul; recorded here with Terry Stinnette on guitar, bass and drums and Linda Bloszies on harmonies.