Sole Stories is a living library for everyone passionate about tap.

Yesterday is the who, what and where of yesterday’s tap. Naming what has been lost, while declaring our shared legacies.

Today is the now of tap. The dancers, producers, scholars, choreographers, writers, directors, advocates and contributors that are working now and who will inform the future.

Tomorrow is the future. Imagining what seeds could be planted now that will bloom tomorrow… the dreams, visions and possibilities waiting to fill the wild spaces of tomorrow.

Sole Stories is an idea that grew out of Ellie Sciarra’s experience in creating and producing Taps Are Talking: Women In Tap. Taps Are Talking, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting tap dance, is the larger creative umbrella under which other projects live, including Sole Stories and Taps Are Talking: Women In Tap.

Sole Stories will continue to grow, with each new story, each new artist. Join our mailing list to add your stories, suggestions and inspiration to this living library.

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