Ayodele Casel

ayoleleThe tap thing is opening up doors [for black women]. Many things have happened in just one year and I’m like, Wow! It just keeps going …  I’m aware of the fact that people don’t really see a lot of women out there. [Tap] makes me feel like a strong person, a strong female … One thing that’s most important is that we [NYOTs – Not Your Ordinary Tappers] love to dance, and that’s what we do.

Ayodele Casel is a wonderfully dynamic dancer who was interviewed for Taps Are Talking: Women In Tap, and has appeared on the cover of Dance Spirit, American Theater Magazine and The Village Voice. She has worked and performed with Gregory Hines, Jazz Tap Ensemble, American Tap Dance Orchestra and Savion Glover as the only female in his company N.Y.O.T.s. (Not Your Ordinary Tappers). She is a co-founder of Tandem Act Productions and Tap Intensified. See more of her work at: www.ayodelecasel.com.

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