Brenda Bufalino

It takes a lifetime of practice to be able to be heardAt 60, the deep knowledge begins to explode.”


I believe that Brenda Bufalino and her lifetime of tap genius is front and center on our American dance landscape. She created and shaped much of the ground that we tap dancers stand on. When I first met her in New York City in the late 1970’s, I didn’t quite know how to wrap my brain and feet around who this women was, much less what her feet were musically producing. There was part intrigue and curiosity, mixed with both fear and awe, as I was young and eager. Tap was exploding and Brenda was pivotal in its renaissance and resurgence. And today, her beat goes on … from Morton Gould’s classic Tap Dance Concerto to Charles Mingus, she continues to push the boundaries of her creative source, always Tapping the Source, the title of her book. I am honored to share a portion of her story, a glimpse into her greatness as an artist and woman. Click here for Brenda’s artistic vision. – Ellie

Brenda Bufalino performs and teaches internationally and has appeared as a guest soloist at Carnegie Hall, Avery Fisher Hall, The Apollo Theatre, The Brooklyn Academy of Music, The Kennedy Center, The Joyce and Doris Duke Theaters. She is also recognized as an author, actress, producer, director and performance artist with her one-person shows: Cantata & The Blues; Journal of a Woodpecker; Unaccompanied; the tap opera, Gertrude’s Nose; and most recently, Tapping Against the Wind. She has recorded four CD’s. Brenda Bufalino & Company recently performed her newest piece, Primordial Memories, at Judson Church in New York City.

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