Collectively, let’s begin the conversation of “what if … ” and amplify the possibilities of what tap might become. Sole Stories is dedicated to bringing visibility to this art, with the hope of raising the volume of taps heard around the world.

What is the future of tap? How boldly can we dream? Will tap find its rightful place on the American dance landscape: well nourished and thriving with creative imagination and rhythmic genius? How will tap be shaped as we move into a future that will need the arts and its artists more than ever? Will we, as documentary film maker Michael Moore said, “See a time of refreshing openness, enlightenment and creativity?” Could the collective vision of “anything is possible” infuse the tap field, while nurturing and supporting tap dancers? Perhaps, as Moore predicts, we will all “watch a thousand flowers bloom.” Hopefully, as tap evolves, it will be one of the highlights in a new artistic garden of delights that will surely blossom.

Let’s share ideas, begin the conversation of “what if … ” To begin, please share your musings, rants, raves, favorite books, movies, articles and inspirations with the Sole Stories blog. Together, we can create a vibrant future for tap.

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