Ellie Sciarra’s dream project is to create a Broadway show of Taps Are Talking: Women In Tap. At the heart of this production are the unknown and unrecognized stories of female tap dancers. Initially, Ellie interviewed eleven female tap dancers of varying ages and race. She was not just interested in the facts of their individual and unique tap journeys, but also what did their feet have to say – both personally and professionally. Their compelling and important stories became the nexus of how the production was developed and created. It is with this in mind that Ellie envisions a Broadway production. It will take many hands – seen and unseen – an impassioned force of collaborators, and of course, many millions!

Another dream of Sole Stories is to ignite a conversation about the future of tap. Addressing the invisibility of tap – and women in tap – is a step towards recognizing tap as a contemporary art form and gathering resources to build a vibrant and secure future. Join our mailing list

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