Dancing in the Dark

Lightning Flash
Light dance

Last night the sky lit up every couple of minutes with light flashing in a wild weather dance. At one point I shut off all the lights to watch and wait for the next image to cross the nightscape. The show was eerily beautiful, a fleeting dance of nature. It got me thinking about how the darkness of night and lights off made the lightning flashes visible. Without the contrast of light/dark it would have been just a another thunder storm, minus the magic of “wow”.

That thought took me to the seed I planted recently – to write. That seed began in the nothingness of thought, then was planted into the soil of my soul. No light, just the ground of my being waiting to sprout roots deep inside. That seed needed to germinate in the dark for awhile… for days, months, probably years. Now the tiny shoots of Blogging with Sole Stories has broken ground. There are actually words finding their way from thought to form right here on the light of page. It’s that yin/yang thing… one needs the other to exist, even ideas.

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