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Sole Stories is a tribute to the power and beauty of female tap dancers… and an invitation to the dance.

Celebrating the unique American art form of tap dancing, Sole Stories honors the contributions of female tap dancers, believing their stories will add a special and important element to the history of tap. Although they are rarely caught in the spotlight, there is a rich tradition of women tappers, stretching back to the 1800s. From Vaudeville and Broadway, to movies and today’s concert stage, tap dance has survived and women have been an integral part of its regeneration and renaissance.

Stories occur in a specific time and place, revealing who we are, a truth spoken that is utterly unique. Stories are miraculous – words, voices, images, and perspectives come alive in the telling. Something happens in the telling of a story, an opening up, a window lifted, letting in light and air, like oxygen for our spirits. Listening becomes an act of generous grace.

Poet and storyteller David Whyte says that we are all “creatures of desire.” Inside Sole Stories you can bear witness to the desires of women for whom tap is at the center of their lives. May their stories inspire you to join the dance by writing in the Sole Stories blog, sending in your experiences, photos and favorite stories, suggesting a dancer to be featured, or offering financial support. Together we can revisit the glory of tap’s yesterday and build a vibrant tomorrow. “Listen, listen, the taps are talking.”

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