The Art of Tap Dance

Promoting, marketing and producing the art of tap dance

Taps Are Talking, Inc. –  began planting seeds last Spring ~ seeds to make a feature film. – Yes, a feature film!

Shawna Frey, a screenwriter and tap dancer was introduced to me last January. Shawna “gets” what Taps Are Talking is all about. She understands, on a soul level, the invisibility of tap as an art form, the importance of the history of female tappers, and the sole stories waiting to be told. We agreed to move forward with the film given the tremendous impact potentially offered through this medium. The opportunity is unprecedented, inspiring, and situates squarely with the mission of Taps Are Talking.

Several milestones have already been reached:

  • Launched – a beautiful website which celebrates and honors female tappers both past and present. Visit Sole Stories – it is filled with history, great footage, and a glimpse into the film we are envisioning.
  • Contracted with a screenwriter to begin the script;
  • Traveled to LA to begin writing process with screenwriter;
  • The synopsis, logline, working title (film lingo) is complete. The first draft to be completed by September.

The next step is to create the “pitch packet” which involves a breakdown of the script, research, detailed design and budget. The packet is the film’s “calling card” and, therefore, must be powerful and captivating. Our goal is to complete the packet by November, in time for the American Film Market, one of the largest gatherings of film professionals held in LA.

Now we need your help! Taps Are Talking requires 10K to position itself for the American Film Market. We believe we can reach this goal by October 15th. And, we have received a generous matching funds donation of $2500!  With your tax-deductible donation we commit our highest intention to use our resources, every dollar, and each of our sparks of light for this project. We firmly believe that tap in film will nourish and sustain the art form into the future.

To send a check – click here to download a donation form

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